Graduation Party Catering

The Best Graduation Parties Are Catered By Lee n’ Eddies

Don’t get stuck in the kitchen on graduation day.  Our graduation catering menu is filled with delicious packages and options that are sooooo affordable.  For about the same cost as ordering generic trays from your local grocery store you can take things up a notch with unique offerings and handy catering that gets delivered right to your door. From hot and cold finger foods to delicious entrees,  fun sides, graduation cakes and more.  We have decades of catering experience and we know how to do Graduation Parties right.  Order directly from our Graduation Catering Menu or give us a call and we can help you plan the perfect custom graduation party food.

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Graduation Catering

Graduation CateringYour student is graduating high school or college. It only happens once. It’s a proud day for you and them and we are here to help make it an easy day too.  We can have everything you need, delicious hot and cold entrees and finger foods delivered and ready to serve at your graduation party so you get to enjoy your student and guests.  We have complete catered buffets like our delicious golden fried chicken and herb baked chicken or Italian sausage and peppers starting at $5.99/person.  Our Hawaiian themed menu features favorites like sweet and sour chicken, Hawaiian Ham, BBQ pulled pork and much more.  Or try Mexican with steak and chicken fajitas, tamales and more.  If you haven’t browsed our current menu, be sure to check it out. You’ll find wonderful Party Pak offerings, a big assortment of chicken specialties, pastas, salads, sandwiches, desserts and lots more, all at a great value.

With all that is going for graduation preparations wouldn’t it be great to know the food is taken care of? And if you are not signed up for newsletter be sure you do that soon because you will often find additional coupons in our newsletters to further add value for your graduation catering order. You can use the newsletter sign-up to the right to be added for our coupon and specials emails.

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of our students graduation tips for new graduates.  If you have not caught them be sure to check a few them out. If you have a graduate in your house you will find them to be helpful, entertaining and heartfelt:

Tips from Graduates for Graduates: Dallas’ Top 5

Tips from Graduates for Graduates: Being Human

Tips from Graduates for Graduates: Time Management


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Tips From Graduates for Graduates: Dallas’ Top 5


By Dallas Freeman

To all graduates!!!

It’s coming time for you to move out, to live on your own, and to begin to experience life without parents around.

The first tip I can give you is to remember that first time you dove off of a diving board, or the first time you drove a car, or even the first time you stepped into a new school. Remember that nervousness, that almost tangible excitement? Remember how important it was to make that first impression just right? When you did that, you took a leap of faith, you dove in, you hit the gas, and you stepped in the door. You trusted yourself to be able to succeed. There were ups and downs as you continued to be there; sometimes you belly flop, sometimes you didn’t feel like you could drive to save your life, and some days in high school you honestly felt like everything had turned out of your favor. College is just like that. There will be ups; there will be downs. Remind yourself daily that it was important that you be there, and that that is what you chose to do. You chose because you wanted this life, ups and downs, and that is perfect.

The second tip I can give is to toss your hat over the fence. It’s easy to live your life comfortably, taking almost no risks and being happy not chasing what you truly want. It’s easy to say, “ I’ll get it when I’m older,” or “I’m too young to do things this big now.” Adults say things like that. Adults say that. Your parents, your uncles, your teachers, your best friend’s mom and dad—they all say that too. That never, ever, ever goes away. There are going to be challenges. Still, though, if you’re willing to toss your hat over the fence, you’ll have to chase after it. Commit powerfully in your decisions. Take some risks. If not now, when?

The third tip I can give is to be ready to not feel ready. You’re going to find that a lot of times in life, you won’t know what to do. I cannot emphasize this enough—there is nothing wrong with feeling that way. It shows where there is something that you could learn or have that is new to that part of your life. Dare I say it, you want to feel like that. The more often you do, the more you get to experience in your life.

The fourth tip is to never lose sight of what is important to you. Your friends, your academics, your family, your dreams—none of these things have to be sacrificed to live a whole life. Sometimes you won’t have much time to spend with friends, and you’ll be spending a lot of time with your books. Sometimes you won’t make a phone call to your parents for a month, and you’ll spend hours with your friends. Sometimes you’ll be getting to live your dream, and you won’t be around a book as much. What is important is that you keep sight of these things. None of them needs to be stopped and stifled. Learn to manage your time around those things that are of importance to you.

Finally, and most importantly, remember that you create your life. Ups, downs, high grades, low grades, friendship, family, dreams, love—you have a say in these things. Love it. Love that you get to be where you are. Love that you get to have the family you have. Love that you have made such an amazing commitment to your life by taking on academics. Love that you can create friendships and that you can be a part of other people’s lives and what they love. You’re surrounded by amazing people. Love it. These are the reasons that you’re here.



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Tips From Graduates for Graduates: Time Management

By Michelle

This is something everyone will tell you, and you’ll think you have it down: how you’re going to spend your time… you look at your class schedule like I did and think, “Wow, I have a lot of time off,” but you’ll learn after about two weeks, you really don’t. I’m not just talking about studying, although that will take up a lot of your time. They say in college 20% of learning is done in class, the other 80% is done on your own. And although that sounds like a long time spent studying, it’s not all that will eat up your schedule.

Depending on how outgoing you are, you’ve probably considered sports, clubs, or other extracurricular activities at your future college. If not, you probably will, after seeing all your college offers. I had planned to join a single club my first year, but I made the mistake of going to the extracurricular fair my college holds. That day I signed up for a dozen other clubs and teams. Obviously I had no time for all these, but I was optimistic that I could somehow make it work. Needless to say, I couldn’t. Typically you’ll end up keeping one or two of those activities and the rest will haunt you until the year’s end (just kidding). However, if you want to keep just those few activities, time management is key.

First semester I made a schedule detailing how I was going to spend every hour outside of class, it included how long I was going to spend studying and when I had activities I wanted to go to. I thought I was set, but after classes set in, I realized it was going to be more complicated than I had anticipated. Within the first week I realized I couldn’t follow this routine everyday or I would wipe myself out. I learned I had to take college a week at a time; take into account everything I needed to accomplish that week and schedule time each day towards those things (homework assignments, upcoming tests, projects, etc.). After falling into this rhythm I could then schedule clubs, social events, and most importantly, rest, around my schoolwork.

I can tell you, this is definitely the way to go. I didn’t fall into this rhythm until second semester; so first semester was a nightmare as I tried to do everything with a superhuman ability I didn’t possess. First, I suggest figure out what you’re capable of handling (this usually varies by week) and then prioritize, always prioritize.  College is great but it is hard work and I really think the ones who are most successful learn how to prioritize their time.  The nice thing is that they are your goals and you are in charge.  So work hard but enjoy it too. Good Luck New Graduates!


About Michelle:  Michelle just finished her freshman year at Clemson University in South Carolina. She grew up in Glenview and is majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in Computer Science.  She is also on the Clemson Formula SAE team and plans to later get her masters in Automotive Engineering.

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Graduation Catering – Graduation Open House Food

My daughter is graduating in just a few days so I thought I would be a great person to jump in and write for my friends at Lee n’ Eddies today.  Our family has been  jumping through all the hoops to get ready for her big event – graduation invitations, cleaning and graduation party FOOD!  Like many, we are having a graduation open house since many of her friends are graduating the same day.  That way people can just pop in and out.  Lee ‘n’ Eddies graduation menu options are perfect whether you are doing an open house graduation or a more formal party.  Their online graduation menu makes it really easy to view all the options and their menu is set up to make the planning easier but still give you lots of flexibility so your graduation food is just the way you want it.  They always serve up delicious food and as someone who has known the Lee ‘n’ Eddies staff for years, I know they bring a lot of heart to everything they do.

If you are not familiar with their menus, I can direct you right away to one of the all time favorites which is their “Famous Fried Chicken”.  You can mix things up however you like, choosing one main entree or many depending on your guests.  If you have a lot of guests coming in, you can even bow out of doing breakfast that busy morning and have Lee ‘n’ Eddies drop over one of their easy but yummy catered breakfast meals. That way you get to enjoy your guests and the it takes a little edge off an already hectic day.

So take a peek at their online graduation menu or give them a call to get more information on their food and services.  I wish you all a wonderful graduation celebration with lots of friends, great food and hopefully a nice, sunny day : )


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Graduation Catering

It’s time to celebrate your children’s graduation. Lee ‘n’ Eddies  Catering has great selections at prices that can’t be beat. Famous Fried Chicken, Italian Beef, Mostaccioli and Fresh Salads highlight some of our buffet combinations. We can even provide a complete barbecue menu with chefs and all the equipment. Or for a delicious change of pace try a Mexican Fiesta or a Hawaiian Luau. With complete buffets beginning at only $4.69 per person you can celebrate while saving a bunch.

If you haven’t entered our “Graduation Catered Party Giveaway” yet be sure to sign up soon. 5 winners will be chosen at the end of May.

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