Catering for Lombard, IL

Lombard, IL

Lee n Eddies Catering has been providing catering services for Lombard, IL and the surrounding western suburbs of Chicago for over 50 years. Whether it is having a BBQ or Picnic at the famous Lilacia Park or celebrating a birthday at Lombard Roller Rink, we have menus to help add to your special day.

Meals for Lombard Events

We have tasty and affordable menus crafted for you to choose from based on the type of event you may be hosting in Lombard or the surrounding area. We can also create custom menus based on any dietary needs so for any special requests please give us a call so we can help plan your perfect meal.

If you are looking to support Corporate events in Lombard such as employee appreciation lunches we can provide individually packaged meals or buffets to feed your entire office. We also have fantastic breakfast menus for those early Corporate meetings.

Looking for a family meal pack after a long day WickedBall or from the Ax Throwing lounge? Not a problem, we have family meal menus to chose from or you can build your own to take back home.

With Lombard’s long rich history, it has been our privilege to serve our neighbors!

History of Lombard, IL

Lombard, Illinois, has a rich history that traces its beginnings to 1833 when it was originally known as Babcock’s Grove, named after its early settlers, Ralph and Morgan Babcock. The town, nestled in the heart of DuPage County, underwent a significant transformation in 1868 when it was officially renamed Lombard in tribute to Josiah Lombard. Josiah Lombard was a prominent Chicago banker with a vision for the community, and he played a pivotal role in its development. Notably, he constructed several houses within the village, contributing to its growth and prosperity. Today, Lombard stands as a vibrant suburban community with a deep historical legacy that reflects the spirit of its early pioneers and the enduring influence of Josiah Lombard.

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