Catering for Wheaton, IL

Lee n Eddies Catering has been a proud caterer for Wheaton, IL, and the surrounding DuPage County for over 50 years as we are situated on Roosevelt Road which runs through the center of the town.  Our catering options have continued to grow to help support the evolving needs of the Wheaton community from large buffet-style catering to family meal packs.


Catering Family Meals for Wheaton, IL

Lee n Eddies is as historic as Wheaton itself with over 50+ years of catering experience.  We offer a variety of family meal options to choose from and take with you as your family gets out to explore the many wonderful places in Wheaton such as the Lincoln March National Area with its renowned rope course, the extensive Illinois Prairie Paths, and the DuPage County Fairgrounds.  We can customize our menus to help address any dietary needs your family may have so that you can take lunch or dinner on the road to your favorite destination.  However, we don’t just cater small gatherings, we also catering for your larger events no matter the size.

Catering for Wheaton Events

There are so many wonder event venues in Wheaton and we can offer full service and drop-off catering depending on your needs.  We have planners available to help you select the best option as we specialize in Weddings, Corporate Events, Holiday Parties, Religious Ceremonies, and more!

Wheaton is incredibly special and has such a rich history with beautiful settings and architecture it is a lovely place to plan your next gathering.  Call us at (630) 350-3500 or fill out our quote request form to get more information on our affordable catering options.