Communion Catering

What is Holy 1st Communion?

A holy communion is a holy rite of passage, celebrated in many Christian communities. It marks a spiritual milestone, at which individuals publicly proclaim their faith and commitment to the Church. During holy communion, those taking part join in a prayer of remembrance and partake in symbolic elements that represent Christ’s body and blood from the last supper. In some churches, holy communions are followed by festive meals held to honor the occasion. The holy 1st communion marks the transition from childhood to adulthood within the Christian faith, and has long been celebrated as one of the most important events for families attending church.

Communion Catering

When coordinating communion or confirmation events, catering should be a priority. Taking advantage of professional communion catering services will eliminate a great deal of the stress associated with planning such an important occasion. Not only will communion catering provide guests with delectable appetizers, entrees and desserts, but also ensure that food is served at the correct temperature and in an elegant manner. Working with established catering companies allows hosts to enjoy the momentous occasion while knowing their guests are getting nothing short of high-level hospitality.

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Appetizers to Serve at a Communion

Appetizers can be a great way to enhance your communion service. An assortment of small bite-sized dishes can provide a sense of hospitality and community, as well as energize attendees for the special occasion. Appetizers can range from Hawaiian Meatballs or tiny quiches to something as festive as fresh fruit and vegetables. Serving them in addition to bread and wine will make the service even more memorable; plus, it won’t take away focus from the traditional elements of the ceremony. Appetizers are also a great way to ensure that everyone has something to eat before standing for prayers or singing hymns.

Entrees to Serve at a Communion

Entrees are an essential component of any communion, and there are several popular options for feasting at this special event. A classic choice is fried chicken, though other acceptable options include mostaccioli, Italian beef, and barbecue. Depending on the size of the congregation and personal preference, it might be appropriate to select one dish or serve a variety of entrees. Whatever is chosen will be sure to create a memorable meal as churchgoers gather in fellowship.

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Desserts to Serve at a Communion

Desserts can be a perfect, delicious end to any communion service. Consider cookies, cakes, and cupcakes – all of which make great options for communion desserts. Whether sharing a light snack at the beginning or a sweet treat at the end to celebrate the joyous occasion, everyone can savor in small bites of delightful desserts that are appropriate for this sacred meal. Desserts can range from simple traditional cakes to more elaborate unique recipes as long as they uphold the celebratory spirit of the occasion. Regardless of what direction you choose, having treats available is sure to be a delight for all.

When it comes to communion catering, you can’t go wrong with the experienced chefs at Lee n’ Eddies. We understand the importance of this special day and always strive to create unforgettable catering menus for our clients. Our dedicated staff will work closely with you to ensure that all your communion party needs are understood and will provide outstanding service on the day itself. Contact us today if you’re planning a communion celebration!