At Fiesta Manana with Lee n’ Eddies

We had a great time at the Fiesta Manana with friends from 101.7 The Drive and loads of Mexican food lovers. Thanks to the Drake Hotel Oak Brook for hosting the event. Lee n’ Eddies, along with several other restaurants catered up some delicious Mexican fare for everyone to enjoy.  Those who stopped by to visit us got a taste of our delicious Backyard Tacos with a choice of pulled beef or chicken with all the fixin’s – cilantro, onions, lime and salsa plus Mexican style rice. We also served up one of our fan favorites – Honey Hawaiian Meatballs.

Mexican MenuMexican Menu at Fiesta Manana

For those who do not know, Lee n’ Eddies has a great selection of menu items for any Mexican style event. Just give us a call and we will be happy to help you plan your South of the Border Event.

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Easter Catering and Spring Catering Menu Specials

NEW! Easter & Spring Catering Specials!

We are always working to bring you more delicious and affordable menu choices.  Be sure to check out our April Catering Menu Specials. They will only be available during the month of April.  We’ve got you covered for all your April events – Easter, Good Friday and even Administrative Professionals Day.  Great brunch, lunch and dinner menus.

More Spring Catering Menus

(Right-click the menu to the right to download it to your computer)

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Oktoberfest Catered Dinner

Looking for a delicious and easy way to host Oktoberfest? Check out our fall Oktoberfest Dinner with food choices for everyone. Delivered hot, delicious and on-time.

Oktoberfest Dinner

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Graduation Party Catering

The Best Graduation Parties Are Catered By Lee n’ Eddies

Don’t get stuck in the kitchen on graduation day.  Our graduation catering menu is filled with delicious packages and options that are sooooo affordable.  For about the same cost as ordering generic trays from your local grocery store you can take things up a notch with unique offerings and handy catering that gets delivered right to your door. From hot and cold finger foods to delicious entrees,  fun sides, graduation cakes and more.  We have decades of catering experience and we know how to do Graduation Parties right.  Order directly from our Graduation Catering Menu or give us a call and we can help you plan the perfect custom graduation party food.

Graduation Catering MenusGraduation Catering Specials

View Graduation Catering Menu More Graduation Specials


Prom Catering Menu Party Pak Catering Menu

Prom Catering Menu Party Pak Menu

Great Selection & Affordable Pricing

View More Menus
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Prom Catering

Prom Catering Packages for Pre Prom & After Prom Parties

It’s decided. The Prom Party is at your house and already you are thinking menus, cleaning and where you want to put everyone.  But do you really want to be in the kitchen when you should be taking pictures and enjoying the memory making? We didn’t think so. Let us take some of the work off your plate and make your prom party a delicious hit without you stepping foot into the kitchen.

If you are not familiar with our Prom Party Pak Menu, we would like to introduce you right now. Prom Party Pak Menu meet our wonderful customer. Wonderful customer meet our Prom Party Pak Menu. This menu is packed with great combinations of delicious food perfect for Pre Prom gatherings or After Prom parties. Make sure you have plenty of delicious, appealing appetizers on hand for your prom gathering. You might also take a look at our dessert menus for late evening treats. We cook and you get to take lots of pictures so you won’t miss a moment of the fun. or a hero pic.
Prom Pre Party PictureJust give us a call and we can drop off your Prom Party Pak hot and ready to go with everything you’ll need. No cooking, no fuss, and easy and affordable for you. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for just give us a call. We have all sorts of delicious options for your prom event.

View Our Prom Catering Menu >>

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St Patrick’s Day Catering Specials

St Patrick’s Day Catering Specials

Our Traditional St. Patrick’s Day Catering Menu!

Save a small pot of gold and a lot time this St. Patrick’s Day with our St. Patrick’s Day Menu Specials for 2016. All the traditional Irish favorites, prepared by our chefs for your St. Patrick’s Day Party.  Our St. Patrick’s Day menu selections are great for both corporate events and personal parties. Our staff is always happy to work with you to customize any menu to fit your vision so just give us a call.  Whether you want full service or drop off catering, we will make sure your food is there delicious and on-time. Just a few bites into our lean corned beef brisket and you’ll be feeling a little Irish even if you’re not. So this year save cater your St. Patrick’s Day and see how affordable traditional Irish can be.

St. Patrick's Day Catering Menu

Download the pdf St. Patrick’s Day Menu Here >>




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Corporate Catering Specials for Fall

For a limited time we are offering two ways to save on your next catered corporate event.  Try the “Power Breakfast” menu to get your employees revved up first thing in the morning.  Or offer them great menu choices at a great value with our Executive Choice Buffet.  Both menus are featured this fall and you can download a copy below.  Order soon to lock in the special pricing.  For more information on corporate events you can also visit our corporate catering page.

Corporate Catering Specials
Catering Specials
for Fall

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Football Party Ideas and Party Catering

Football Party Ideas and Party Catering

Football fans everywhere will be huddled around their their favorite game this season with fun friends and great food.  We’ve got some party ideas and a great new menu to make your football party even better and easier.

Team colored streamers and team flags are an easy way to make things more festive. Grab a couple of nerf footballs to let friends get warmed up for the big game without breaking anything.

Any party store will have football party invites but we thought these were especially fun.  Check out these great football ticket invitations >>

You can also send out football party invitations online at by opening a free account.

Football Catering MenuFOOTBALL PARTY FOOD:
Start with our Famous Fried Chicken, Italian Beef and Sausage and Hot Dogs. Add Pasta and Potato Salad, Gardeneira, Delicious Fudge Browniesand Fresh Rolls. We supply tableware warming units.

You can also build your own menu with some of our great appetizers and entrees. Everything from BBQ Riblets and Hawaiian Meatballs to Chicken Fingers Alfredo and Bruschetta.

Besides the traditional Football Pool you can also create a little more fun for the less enthusiastic football fans by including them in a competition for small gag gifts.  Give everyone a list of questions at the beginning of the night and have them fill out the answers to things like:

  • How long do you think the game will last?
  • Which team will score the first point?
  • Which team will score the last point?
  • Which team will get the first interception?
  • Which team will be ahead at half time?
  • How many beer commercials will play from the start of the game to the finish of the game?
  • Will the total points scored by each team be an even number or an odd number?
  • What will the total score of points be for both teams together by the end of the game?


If you can add more questions that pertain to ‘during the game’ it will add to the fun rather than having all the questions be resolved at the end of the game.  Make the winner gifts funny to keep the spirit of the night fun and people laughing.

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Oktoberfest Party Ideas & Oktoberfest Catering Menu

Oktoberfest Party Ideas & Oktoberfest Catering Menu

Oktoberfest is a 16 day German tradition that has become very popular here in the U.S.   Oktoberfest centers around traditional German foods and beer.  We have provided drop off and full service catering for eine Menge (a lot of) Oktoberfest parties over the years and wanted to provide some fun ideas to help you with your Oktoberfest party planning.

Tbe traditional colors for Oktoberfest are light blue and white (the colors of he Bavarian flag).  You can get blue and white streamers and often very inexpensive Oktoberfest banners at the party store.

For table centerpieces: you can use beer steins filled with flowers or they can double as centerpiece and snack by filling them with the long pretzel sticks.  Have backup bags of pretzels to refill when needed.  You can often find mini German or Bavarian flags at party stores as well.

Add authentic German party music by tuning into Pandora’s Oktoberfest channel.

Oktoberfest Catering MenuOKTOBERFEST FOOD:
Lee n’ Eddies has a special menu that includes German favorites plus other items for those who might not likens zee German traditional foods.  Click on the picture below to check out our Oktoberfest Menu Special or browse other menus to build your own meal.


German Beer Tasting:
Have an area set-up where people can try different beers from Germany. has a list of 274 German beers if you’d like to get some ideas for what to serve and has a beginner’s guide to tell you about the different styles if you are interested.

Yodeling Contest:
Get your guests laughing by having a contest for the best yodeler. You can give prizes for “Most Creative Yodel”, “Most Authentic Yodel” etc.

Pretzel Making (for kids):
Buy a pretzel making kit from Wal-mart or Amazon. Have different toppings for them to put on their pretzels.

Beer Race:
Set up an obstacle course for your guests to run through with a stein full of beer.  They get points for faster time completing the course and points for keeping more beer in their glass.

Wurst Brat Toss:
Give each team of 2 a bratwurst and a bucket.  Each team lines up across from each other at the same distance apart.  Each team then proceeds to throw the brat and the other side catches it in their bucket. With each successful catch, the teams back up one step and do it again. The team that throws their brat the furthest without breaking it wins.

Fillen Zee Bucket Team Game:
Each team has a set number of players about arm’s distance away from each other in a line, each with their own stein or mug.  At the end of the line of players is a bucket and at the other end is a tub of water.  The person closest the tub of water must fill his mug with water and proceed to pour it into the mug of the next person in line.  This continues down the line and the last person pours what’s left into the bucket. The first team to fill their bucket wins.

Probably the easiest invites are online at You can open a free account and use one of their pre-made invitations. Just upload your email list to their service and they will send the invites out. They provide a way for people to respond online and allow you to send out reminders as well.

You can also pick up postcards of Germany to mail out, check your local party store or even make your own. Here’s an example of a do-it-yourself card >>

We hope you found this helpful.  If you are throwing an Oktoberfest party and have questions or would like to find out more about our catering options, just give us a call at (630) 350-3500.

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