Football Party Ideas and Party Catering

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Football fans everywhere will be huddled around their their favorite game this season with fun friends and great food.  We’ve got some party ideas and a great new menu to make your football party even better and easier.

Team colored streamers and team flags are an easy way to make things more festive. Grab a couple of nerf footballs to let friends get warmed up for the big game without breaking anything.

Any party store will have football party invites but we thought these were especially fun.  Check out these great football ticket invitations >>

You can also send out football party invitations online at by opening a free account.

Football Catering MenuFOOTBALL PARTY FOOD:
Start with our Famous Fried Chicken, Italian Beef and Sausage and Hot Dogs. Add Pasta and Potato Salad, Gardeneira, Delicious Fudge Browniesand Fresh Rolls. We supply tableware warming units.

You can also build your own menu with some of our great appetizers and entrees. Everything from BBQ Riblets and Hawaiian Meatballs to Chicken Fingers Alfredo and Bruschetta.

Besides the traditional Football Pool you can also create a little more fun for the less enthusiastic football fans by including them in a competition for small gag gifts.  Give everyone a list of questions at the beginning of the night and have them fill out the answers to things like:

  • How long do you think the game will last?
  • Which team will score the first point?
  • Which team will score the last point?
  • Which team will get the first interception?
  • Which team will be ahead at half time?
  • How many beer commercials will play from the start of the game to the finish of the game?
  • Will the total points scored by each team be an even number or an odd number?
  • What will the total score of points be for both teams together by the end of the game?

If you can add more questions that pertain to ‘during the game’ it will add to the fun rather than having all the questions be resolved at the end of the game.  Make the winner gifts funny to keep the spirit of the night fun and people laughing.

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