Graduation Party Catering

The Best Graduation Parties Are Catered By Lee n' Eddies

Don’t get stuck in the kitchen on graduation day.  Our catering menus are filled with delicious packages and options that are so affordable.  For about the same cost as ordering generic trays from your local grocery store you can take things up a notch with unique offerings and handy catering that gets delivered right to your door. Below are our featured Graduation Specials:

  • Super Summer Deal $13.49 per guest (40 or more)

    Famous Fried Chicken, Herb Baked Chicken, Roast Beef in Gravy, Italian Beef au Jus, Homestyle Potato Salad, Creamy Cole Slaw, Fresh Bread, Tableware, Warming Units.

  • Taco Fest $13.99 per guest (30 or more)

    Choice of Steak or Chicken Tacos (3 per person) With Soft Tortillas Including Onions, Cilantro & Limes, Homemade Salsa, Mexican Rice, Corn Cobettes, Fresh Fruit Bowl, Tableware & Warming Units.

  • Burgers and Dogs $13.99 per guest (30 or more)

    Jumbo All Beef Hamburgers, Jumbo All Beef Hot Dogs, Creamy Cole Slaw, Corn on the Cob, Chilled Sliced Watermelon, Fresh Buns, Condiments, Tableware and Warming Units - For fully staffed Onsite Grilling call us at 630.350.3500

  • Grad Family Pack $85 per pack

    Famous Fried Chicken, Bratwurst w/ Sauerkraut, Steakhouse Potato Salad, Fudge Brownies, Fresh Buns and Condiments, Complete Tableware (Serves 4-6 guests)

  • Chicken and Beef Economy Buffet $12.59 per guest (30 or more)

    Your choice of either Famous Fried Chicken or Herb Baked Chicken, Italian Beef au Jus, Homestyle Potato Salad, Your Choice of Creamy Cole Slaw or Pasta Salad with Veggies, Fresh Bread, Complete Tableware and Warming Units.

  • Chicago Style Party Pack $179.99 per pack

    20 pieces of Our Famous Fried Chicken, Italian Beef and Sausage Combos, Mostaccioli Marinara, Fresh Bread, Complete Tableware, Warming Units. Serves 12 – 15 guests

  • Chicken and Pasta Family Pack $69.00 per Pack

    Famous Fried Chicken, Pasta Marinara, Your Choice of: Homestyle Potato Salad and Creamy Cole Slaw or Tossed Garden Salad, Assorted Cookies, Assorted Dinner Rolls and Butter, Complete Tableware Serves 4 – 6

From hot and cold finger foods to delicious entrees,  fun sides, graduation cakes and more.  We have decades of catering experience and we know how to do Graduation Parties right.  Order directly by giving us a call (630) 350-3500 and we can help you plan the perfect custom graduation party food or submit our quote request form and we will contact you back

FREE Graduation Cake

Celebrate Your Graduate

Get a delicious ½ sheet Graduation Cake that serves 30 – 40 guests when you order any buffet for 40 or more guests from our Graduation Favorites page. Mention code Gradcake24 when you call in your order or mention it in the notes section of your quote request form to qualify


Picture of Dan Veles

Dan Veles

Dan Veles is the heart and soul behind Lee n' Eddies, steering the beloved catering company for over four decades. As the owner and operator, Dan has dedicated himself to serving the Chicago area and its surroundings, consistently delivering great food and service at unbeatable prices. Under his leadership, Lee n' Eddies has become synonymous with quality catering, offering a wide range of delicious options that cater to every taste and occasion.

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