How to Plan the Ultimate Brunch

Brunch has become a beloved social occasion, combining the best of breakfast and lunch. Hosting the ultimate brunch requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a dash of creativity. In this blog, we will explore various ideas and tips to help you plan and execute the perfect brunch, covering everything from choosing a theme to enjoying the party yourself.

Choosing a Theme

The first step to a fabulous brunch is picking the theme. This will set the tone for your brunch and allows you to create a cohesive and memorable experience. How about a whimsical garden party or a laid-back beach-inspired gathering? A French bistro theme could add a touch of elegance, or you can go with a colorful bohemian vibe. Choose a theme that aligns with your personal style and the preferences of your guests.

Creating a Guest List

Determine the number of guests you want to invite based on your space limitations and the ambiance you wish to create. Think about the mix of personalities and ensure that your guest list comprises individuals who will enjoy each other’s company. Send invites out enough in advance to ensure a nice turnout but also enough time to for you to plan.

Planning the Menu

Creating a delicious brunch spread doesn’t have to be complicated. Opt for quick and easy recipes that allow you to spend more time with your guests. Whip up some classic French toast with a twist, using brioche bread and a drizzle of maple syrup. Prepare a refreshing fruit salad for a crowd by combining a variety of juicy seasonal fruits in a large serving bowl. For a charming touch, try a mason jar breakfast recipe. If you are short on time, why not have the brunch catered? Lee n’ Eddies offers drop off breakfast catering as well as a full-service catering option. Choose from a Good Morning Breakfast or you could even supplement your own dishes with a simple Continental Breakfast. Aim for a well-balanced selection of dishes that cater to different tastes. Include both savory and sweet options, and don’t forget to offer vegetarian or vegan alternatives to accommodate all dietary preferences.

Preparing a Timeline

To keep things organized, create a timeline that outlines the different tasks leading up to the brunch. Plan when to shop for ingredients, prep the dishes, and set the table. If you are having the brunch catered, find out when you need to provide menu selections and guest counts. Having a timeline will help you stay on track and ensure that everything is ready when your guests arrive. Remember to allow some buffer time for any unexpected surprises.



Transforming your brunch space with thoughtfully chosen decorations elevates the overall ambiance. Consider using fresh flowers, colorful tablecloths, elegant tableware, and thematic centerpieces that align with your chosen theme. For a garden party, adorn tables with potted plants and delicate floral arrangements, while a rustic brunch could feature natural elements like burlap table runners and wooden accents.

Setting up a Beverage Station

Create a dedicated beverage station to keep your guests refreshed throughout the brunch. Serve chilled orange juice in pitchers alongside other drink options like coffee, tea, and perhaps a mimosa or two. You could also add some sliced oranges or berries as garnishes and place charming mason jars for guests to enjoy their beverages.

Arranging Seating

Think about the flow and comfort of your guests when arranging the seating. Create cozy conversation areas by grouping chairs and cushions together. Use a mix of seating options, such as chairs, benches, or even picnic blankets for a more relaxed vibe. Encourage your guests to mingle and enjoy each other’s company.

Enjoying the Party

Once everything is set up and your guests arrive, take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the party! By planning ahead, pre-slicing fruits, preparing make-ahead dishes, and setting the table, you will have time to engage in conversations, introduce your guests to one another, and be a gracious host.

Planning the ultimate brunch can be fun! With just a bit of preparation, you can create a fabulous time with your friends and loved ones. You may even want to kick off the brunch with some music or playing a game. This could add that extra special memorable touch that also makes everyone feel comfortable at the start of the party.  Cheers to a brunch that will be remembered for years to come!

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