Top 5 tips for saving money during your next event

money saving tips

Hosting a large event or celebration can be overwhelming – financial considerations can further complicate the process. However, money does not have to be a huge obstacle when planning any occasion. We have put together money saving tips to help you put on an incredible event without breaking the bank.

Think Local

Thinking local can be beneficial when organizing an event, offering a range of cost savings. When planning the event, considering nearby venues and vendors is a great first step that can lead to big results. Even though traveling a little further may seem like an advantage for certain types of events, think about what businesses are within close proximity. Utilizing a local option will save time and money related to travel costs as well as other logistical items. Researching local options prior to booking anything else can help ensure you maximize the benefits of thinking local.

Local Caterers

Local caterers are an effective and beneficial solution to ensure the success of an event. Not only can they help to significantly reduce delivery costs, but they also support and bring attention to growers and farms in the local community by utilizing their produce. Local caterers also bring trust when hosting an event as guests often recognize their name, guaranteeing that food served is of a high-quality. Therefore, choosing a local caterer for your next event will provide financial savings and peace-of-mind knowing that the food being served is fresh and delicious.

Party Rentals

Hosting an event is an exciting undertaking, but it also requires extra items. Local party rental businesses help to provide the necessary materials to make sure your celebrations go off without a hitch. Tables, chairs, and any additional chaffing dishes for the catering team are items that can easily be secured from local party rentals. Party games and inflatables add an extra level of fun to your event that can be provided by a reliable rental company. Asking your caterer about their rental options first is essential in properly budgeting for the celebration; if they do not cover additional supplies you need, searching for a local party rental business near the event’s location will ensure delivery fees won’t be too costly.

Work with your caterer

Working with a caterer should not be an overwhelming or expensive experience; instead, work with them to choose the perfect menu for you. Ask about value catering options and explore various appetizers, main courses, and desserts that are available. Get creative and ensure that the menu provides variety as well as value. Working together with your caterer you can create a dazzling spread that pleases every palate and fits any budget.

Provide table settings & party decorations

Table decorations and party decorations can form an integral part of any event. If you decide to provide table settings and decorations yourself, it can help reduce costs while ensuring the atmosphere of your event is exactly as you would like. Furthermore, choosing table settings and decorations in line with your event theme helps create a cohesive aesthetic that reflects the overall purpose of the event. Therefore, providing table settings and decorations yourself is an excellent way to customize your occasion to give it that extra special touch.

Table Settings

For smaller events, you may want to consider providing table settings yourself. By doing this, you can save money while keeping a professional look. There are several types of tablecloths to choose from, including linen, cotton, and plastic varieties. Various tablecloths and table runners in various colors and textures can be found in most local retailers or online, so you are sure to find the perfect style for your occasion. Additionally, if necessary, you may also opt to use your own dishware to further cut costs.

Party Decorations

Hosting a party does not have to be an expensive endeavor. Investing in decorations for your event does not have to break the bank! Rather than spending large amounts of money on party planners, consider checking with small local businesses; they likely have a variety of party decorations available at great prices! Don’t forget to mention your party as they will probably appreciate the free marketing opportunity and potentially offer a discount. Shopping locally is a great way to get everything you need without breaking the bank.

Plan your event early

Planning an event or party well in advance of the special occasion is a crucial step in ensuring the event sets up for success. Taking the time to plan the event early can help set the budget and establish realistic goals for hosting your guests. Allowing more time for planning also lets you shop around for better pricing options, both in regard to services and products needed. Early planning also helps save money on any rush fees that may be associated with last-minute requests or preparations. Ultimately, planning ahead gives you a smoother journey to making sure your special event will be a memorable one.

Utilize volunteers

Utilizing volunteer services for events and parties provides numerous benefits; most notably, it cuts the staffing costs associated with running your occasion. Volunteers can provide excellent customer service as servers, bussers, and expediters, ensuring that you are able to stay on budget while still keeping your guests satisfied. As a bonus, expressing appreciation in the form of a tip is an excellent way to thank volunteers for their generous contribution to your event. It goes without saying that utilizing volunteer services is an efficient and cost-effective way to host a memorable event without breaking the bank.

Planning an event or party doesn’t have to be a money-driven headache. Following our five money-saving tips can help you save money while also ensuring your event is enjoyable, memorable, and cost effective. At Lee n’ Eddies we are known for their exceptional services such as mouthwatering food, party rentals and staffing at a great value. With these tips in mind, you can make any event happen without breaking the bank!

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