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Prom Catering Packages for Pre Prom & After Prom Parties

It’Prom Pre Party Pictures decided. The Prom Party is at your house and already you are thinking menus, cleaning and where you want to put everyone.  But do you really want to be in the kitchen when you should be taking pictures and enjoying the memory making? We didn’t think so. Let us take some of the work off your plate and make your prom party a delicious hit without you stepping foot into the kitchen.

If you are not familiar with our extensive menu options, we would like to introduce you right now. We have an a la carte menu that is packed with great dishes perfect for Pre Prom gatherings or After Prom parties. Make sure you have plenty of delicious, appealing appetizers on hand for your prom gathering. You might also take a look at our dessert menus for late evening treats. We cook and you get to take lots of pictures so you won’t miss a moment of the fun. or a hero pic.
Just give us a call and we can drop off your order with everything you’ll need. No cooking, no fuss, and easy and affordable for you. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for just give us a call. We have all sorts of delicious options for your prom event.

Customize your families big day with our signature buffet. Choose from multiple mouth watering entrees and gourmet sides.   

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