What?! Cater Thanksgiving Dinner?

That may sound foreign to many of you, but more and more people are having caterers do their Thanksgiving Dinner for them.  With hectic work and travel schedules many are opting to let someone else do the cooking so they can actually relax on their day off and enjoy their guests.

While I personally don’t mind the extra time in the kitchen (only because I do not get a chance to cook big meals very often), I have many friends that find the whole Thanksgiving ritual and the cooking very stressful.  For weeks beforehand I hear them making their plans and stressing over what food they’re going to serve and how they’re going to find time to do it all.   If Thanksgiving is sounding more like a chore than fun to you, you may want to consider getting a little extra help to lighten your workload.

Lee ‘n’ Eddies has many options to help make your Thanksgiving easier and delicious at the same time.  Check out the Holiday Catering Specials which include items like the “Turkey Breast & Stuffing Buffet” with all the fixings at only $9.49/person or create your own custom menu with the help of their wide selection of catering menus.  The food is delivered hot to your door with food warmers to keep the food hot while you’re serving. For larger orders, their friendly staff will set up the food for you, so it’s ready to go.

If you are one of those people who could really use a day off without cooking, then Thanksgiving Catering may be something to consider.  Either way, I hope all of you have a very wonderful, enjoyable Thanksgiving with lots of yummy food and great company.

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