by Molly

Okay, I might be the first to admit this but the first week of college was a struggle. A tear soaked, runny nose, shaking in the bed at two in the morning version of a struggle that has never been experienced the same way twice. Can I also be the first to tell you that this is okay? I’m sorry if the college guides of before told you to be wary of frat boys and the freshman 15, but forgot to inform you that crying is still the hallmark of being alive and you are very much alive in college.

You may be a big bad college student, but that doesn’t mean you cannot sit on the floor of your dorm room and open the floodgates once in awhile. Being human doesn’t mean you’re always strong, it means you can embrace the weakness too. Some days it will feel like a garbage truck ran you over on the way to deliver you to the dump. Maybe you miss your puppy. Maybe you don’t know where you can wear shoes in your room because it’s a bedroom, kitchen, and living room. Maybe that boy who was interested in you first quarter just wanted to pass the class. Regardless of the situation that made you end up in the first, but certainly not last, college fueled fetal position I need you to understand something. A brave face, a stoic façade, or simply becoming a psychopath is not a prerequisite for college life. Go to your room, lock the door, hug something (pillow, stuffed animal, yourself), and cry until flowers could grow from the puddle forming in front of you. If you want to leave college with some thread of sanity, do this as needed and be assured that you are perfectly normal.

Crying is cathartic. It will put a pause on your life and make you stop your day, no matter the situation or reason, and make you look at yourself and see what is happening on the inside. With all the people telling you that you have to be strong and in control and successful, I wanted to remind you that none of us is superhuman and that tears are part of the growing process too. The tears will come and they will let you be what you are, human. College is about finding yourself and sometimes it takes a shower of tears to become the person everyone said you have the potential to become. Good luck to all of you.

About Molly:  Molly just finished her freshman year at the University of Denver. She is a Political Science and English major.

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