5 Tips for Wedding Catering Planning

tips for wedding catering

How to save on catering for a wedding?

There are three main items to consider when you are trying to save money on your wedding catering. First, opting for a buffet style catering service versus doing a plated or family style serving would certainly be more cost effective. This is because your wedding will require less catering staff to assist in serving your family and friends. Also, consider opting for China like disposable tableware versus actual China flatware and/or glassware. There are truly great China like options available that look beautiful. Lastly, when researching venues ask if they are able to provide their own linen versus having a venue that requires renting the linen.

How to tweak traditional catering during covid-19?

Another benefit to the savings of having buffet style catering is that you can have the staff serve the food versus having your guests scooping and leaning in towards the food. Anytime you can have less individual involvement in serving there is less contamination risk. Also, the recommended disposable China like tableware is not just good for the pocketbook, but it also has less risk in the amount of people handling or exposing the dishware. When planning with your Caterer, make sure to ask them what options are available for individual servings. Appetizers and desserts for example can be presented in single serving container options.

How to choose a wedding caterer?

When you interview Caterers make sure to understand their flexibility in regards to how the food is served and any adjustments to accommodate dietary or allergy considerations. This can be a huge safety benefit, but also give your friends and family that extra consideration even on your special day. Discuss pricing options, this comes down to flexibility as well with the Caterer, don’t assume anything. Be open and ask questions on alternative options.

How far in advance should you book a wedding caterer?

Start as early as you can in order to do the proper research in regards to offerings, flexibility and pricing. Also, if you start early you should subscribe to catering email lists and follow the Caterers on social media to take advantage of any promotions and also gain further ideas on what you may want for your Wedding. Consider to the savings that may be available if you plan ahead and use the same Caterer for all your events leading up to your Wedding Day.

How much should you tip wedding caterers?

Make sure to check your contract as some Caterers may have already included this within their pricing. From there, any gratuity is never mandatory but if given typically considered and presented per server. If you don’t have additional funds for gratuity another way to show your appreciation is to provide a review for the business and/or provide them with some photography from your wedding that they may use in their marketing efforts.

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