5 Catering Tips for Planning a Wedding at Home


Covid-19 has certainly changed the way we plan and host gatherings especially when it comes to planning a Wedding. With size restrictions in place there is a stronger interest than ever in planning weddings at home. If you are planning a home wedding, especially one outdoors there are a few tips we can provide for safer catering options.

1 Professional Servers for Your Outdoor Wedding

Although adding professional servers to your event does add an additional cost the benefits certainly make up for it. Adding servers allows for minimal contact with your food from your guests adding a safety and comfort level so that your family and friends can focus on the wonderful event in front of them. Professional wedding staff can also help with maintaining a clean and organized food serving station.

2 Serve Appetizers in Individualized Containers vs Trays

Not only does serving appetizers in individual containers such as cups allows for improved food safety, but it also helps movement and ease of serving. Most of us would prefer a nice container to hold versus having to grab a napkin and hope the appetizer doesn’t fall apart as we try to slide it off a tray. There are many elegant serving options depending on the appetizers you are choosing to serve.

3 Desserts Options for Weddings

For deserts, may we suggest purchasing a small bride and groom cake and serving cup cakes for your guests. The added benefit for serving cup cakes is that you can offer an assortment to better accommodate any food allergies or personal flavor preferences while keeping a consistent color theme and design. Other options include mini desserts such as Includes Cannoli’s, Eclairs, Napoleons, Cream Puffs or assorted individual cookie bags.

4 Portable Toilets

Although not something we all like to talk about, the practical needs of offering an outdoor wedding make portable toilets a must have element. Make sure to think about the guests you are inviting and make sure to order one that accommodates any special needs such as handicapped accessible or baby changing stations. Also, plan to spruce it up a bit by adding an air freshener or even a small vase of flowers.

5 Wedding Reception Wrap Up

If you opted to have professional servers, then you may want to retain any food leftovers. Make sure to plan ahead to have plenty plastic container options easily available for your wait staff to properly seal food immediately after each course offering. Keep in mind as well if you have gone with cup cake options that you may need unique storage options for these type of desserts.

Although you may be adapting your Wedding plans due to the current environment we know it will still be a beautiful and special day for you. If we can be any help in your wedding catering plans please feel free to contact us.

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