Chicago Area Catering

Did you know that Lee ‘n’ Eddies has been catering to the Chicago area for more than 50 years?  That’s more than 10 million meals catered to date. It’s hard to believe that much time has passed since we opened our doors but we have enjoyed living in Chicago and catering to Chicagoland all that time.  As the song goes, Chicago is ‘my kind of town’.  The sports (and no, we will not reveal whether we are Cubs or White Sox fans ; ), the arts, the energy and the people.  We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

You may not realize that Lee ‘n’ Eddies caters to almost anywhere in the area. From Fox Lake and Libertyville to Tinley Park and Oak Lawn. From Naperville all the way to Lake Michigan’s coastline, we cover this area and more.  We have been known to to to Indiana, Wisconsin and west past Aurora. So if you are wondering if we can get to your neck of the woods, just pick up the phone and call us.  Remember, only 24 hours notice is needed. Last minute catering is not a problem for us, so get your delicious food delivered anytime, anywhere in the Chicagoland area and beyond.

Check out our affordable catering menus and don’t miss our special holiday catering menu filled with great deals or call us at (630) 350-3500

Picture of Dan Veles

Dan Veles

Dan Veles is the heart and soul behind Lee n' Eddies, steering the beloved catering company for over four decades. As the owner and operator, Dan has dedicated himself to serving the Chicago area and its surroundings, consistently delivering great food and service at unbeatable prices. Under his leadership, Lee n' Eddies has become synonymous with quality catering, offering a wide range of delicious options that cater to every taste and occasion.

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