Last Minute Catering

Just find out you are responsible for feeding a small army? Didn’t know what your budget for the corporate lunch was until the last minute? No problem. Lee ‘n’ Eddies Catering are masters at pulling together winning meals quickly for our Chicago customers and we promise next day delivery.

Because of the volume of food preparation we do, short notice is not a problem for us.  We have Chefs ready to whip up something special for you and your guests even if you call the day before your event.  Of course, the more advance warning we have the better, but give us at least 24 hours and we’ll have  delicious food delivered hot and ready for your event.  There are no rush fees added in, so you get the same great Lee ‘n’ Eddies value pricing.

So when your boss asks you to pull together a last minute meal for 100 or your house suddenly becomes the center for the next get together, don’t panic, just give us a call at (630) 350-3500.  Try us for your last minute catering. Your food will be prompt and delicious and you will look like a hero.

Picture of Dan Veles

Dan Veles

Dan Veles is the heart and soul behind Lee n' Eddies, steering the beloved catering company for over four decades. As the owner and operator, Dan has dedicated himself to serving the Chicago area and its surroundings, consistently delivering great food and service at unbeatable prices. Under his leadership, Lee n' Eddies has become synonymous with quality catering, offering a wide range of delicious options that cater to every taste and occasion.

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