Food Catering in Chicago

Catering food to Chicago and its suburbs have been our passion for over 50 years.  With over 10,000,000 meals served in that time, we’ve gotten to learn a few things about what Chicagoland likes.  Chicago folks want great tasting food and great value.  They also like to be able to choose from a wide variety of food catering menus. We will always keep our traditional catering menu favorites and each season we create new food catering menu items to add variety and appeal for almost every palate. We have a lot of fun putting together these new dishes each season for Chicago customers.

If you haven’t checked out our latest holiday catering menu, you may have missed some of our new additions like our new Boneless Chicken Breast Alfredo, Spicy Fried Chicken, Country Meatloaf or Grilled Chicken Breast with Mushroom Gravy.  These new menu items are already receiving great reviews.  One of our latest additions is Gourmet Mac & Cheese. Or try a new dessert from our dessert catering menu, like the Berry Yogurt Trifle.

Whatever you decide to order, you can trust it will be good because all our menu items are created and taste-tested before they make it to you.  We want our food to be delicious and memorable because we want to serve Chicago for another 50 years (and more).  So check out some of our catering menus and be sure not to miss some of the holiday catering specials. You can get traditional holiday food and all the fixings for less than $7.50 per person.

And remember, Lee ‘n’ Eddies are pros when it comes to last-minute catering. We can promise next day delivery for those who are scrambling to pull together an event quickly. So don’t hesitate to call (630)350-3500 or email with your questions.

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